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Anacolor is the leader in the treatment and coating of high-end surfaces of architectural metal products. Their know-how combines the mastership of a highly-specialized profession to the mastery of the very specific requirements from the field of major architectural projects to meet the needs of the industry.

Anacolor has over 40 years of experience in the treatment and coating of metal surfaces. Its specialized engineers and technicians and its experienced and versatile production team assisted by state-of-the-art equipment guarantee the quality of the products and services offered. Anacolor services mainly consist of architectural metal products and various products for industry.

Our Products



The metallic elements protecting the outside of buildings must be protected by a paint offering excellent weather resistance while retaining its shine and color. To this end, PPG Industry inc. has developed specific aluminum coating systems, available only through a network of approved applicators of which Anacolor inc. is a member since 1970.

Anacolor inc. can apply these coatings on different types of products:

Windows and doors
Curtain walls
Flat panels
Curved panels
Mullions and flashings
Column covers
Louvers and sheds

Duracron System

The DURACRON system consists of a thermosetting polyester enamel (400ºF / 200ºC). When applied to aluminum pretreated by conversion to chromium phosphate, this paint offers excellent adhesion, resists corrosion, impacts, and surface scratches while maintaining the film integrity and good color retention.

This system is recommended for interior applications on residential or commercial buildings. It meets or exceeds the AAMA 2603-15 standard of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

High-performance Duranar systems

The high-performance Duranar systems are the cutting edge of KYNAR 500 (70%) inert resin fluorocarbon paints. This oven thermosetting resin, combined with different polymers and synthetic pigments, has been specially designed for outdoor use in general and more specifically on large buildings where color resistance and retention are essential.

DURANAR is available in two separate systems :


This system consists of a chromium phosphate pretreatment followed by 3 layers of coating then baking (450ºF / 230ºC):

1 An anti-corrosion primer.
2 A coat of colored DURANAR paint.
3 A layer of XL satin varnish ensuring
additional long-term protection.

DURANAR XL allows the use of pastel and bright colors with or without pearl or metallic effect and resists polluted atmospheres and acid rain of urban and industrial environments.


This system is identical to the first except that it does not have the last layer of XL satin varnish. It is available in pastel and semi-bright colors only, with some pearl effects but without any metallic effect.

These DURANAR systems meet or exceed the AAMA 2605-13
standard of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.


Anacolor inc. also offers a wide range of powder coatings for architectural aluminum.


AAMA2603, polyester powder paint
AAMA2604, super durable powder paint
AAMA2605, fluoropolymer powder paint
Deloitte Canada Montreal
Shriner Hospital Montreal
Jewish General Hospital
Jules-Dallaire Complex

technical presentation

Anacolor Inc. offers "lunch & learn" for a technical presentation on high-performance architectural paints, both in powder and liquid.

Topics covered:

How to make the right choice between powder and liquid paint;
Which AAMA architectural standard to specify;
Understand the impact of new chrome-free pretreatments;
Demystify the many guarantees available;


We can adapt our presentation between 45-50 minutes of technical information for your members.

To schedule a presentation, please contact via email.

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